Nüske, Johann Abraham (Bone 1914)

Nüske, J. A., a German musician and guitarist who visited England during the early part of the nineteenth century and established himself as a teacher of the guitar. He published many short, simple pieces, which enjoyed an amount of popularity, several of these appeared in The Giulianiad during the year 1833. Nüske was the author of an Easy method for the guitar, which contained twenty-seven airs arranged for guitar solo and was published by Cocks, London, and the following are among his principal works: Three watzes for guitar, published in 1827 by Vernon, London; Fantasia for guitar, Chappell, London; Fantasia for guitar, Boosey, London; Venetian waltz, George and Manby, London; Three favourite melodies for guitar and piano, and Twelve operatic arrangements for guitar and piano, Cocks, London, and numerous songs with guitar accompaniment issued by various London publishers. [Bone Guitar and Mandolin 1914, 225]